You are O-N-E!

My eyes are filling with tears as I even start to write this! I cannot believe how fast your first year of life has gone. You have grown from this precious little newborn with ginormous cheeks to a sweet little independent toddler with big, beautiful blue eyes and a whole lot of personality. I remember when we first brought you home from the hospital and crying at the thought that you would get bigger, let alone turn one year old!  It has been one amazing year being your momma, and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have you as my daughter. You have brought so much joy to your family and I really can’t imagine someone being loved by so many people more than you. Your grandparents are enamored with you, your daddy is head over heals for you, and me? Well, I get the job of feeding, bathing and changing your diapers – all of which I love to do :)  I love the little girl that you’re becoming, but oh how hard it is for me to watch you get bigger. You have become such a sweet girl who loves to touch everything, give open mouthed kisses (please don’t EVER stop!), dance to music, fake laugh, look at books, follow mommy everywhere, and squeal for joy when daddy comes home.  I’m so proud of you and I pray that God would continue to guide and teach me as I guide and teach you.

How in the world did you go from this…

To this…


Happy birthday baby girl! I love you!


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