Sweet Little Willow Belle {Tulsa Newborn Session}

Nearly 36 hours after being induced, my brave little sister gave birth to my precious niece, Willow Belle, on July 13 at 4:58am. I asked Chelsey early on in her pregnancy if I could be in the room when she delivered. Some of you probably think that sounds extremely weird to watch your sister give birth, but I knew, having watched so many “A Baby Story” episodes on TLC, that actually getting to see a human life come into this world would be one of the most incredible experiences I could ever witness. And it was!  I actually got to document with my camera as Willow took her very first breath, saw her mama for the first time, and got tons of kisses by all her adoring family.  I have never been so emotional behind the lens before, but I was sobbing so hard I could hardly hold my camera still to get those precious shots. I am so incredibly proud of my sister and thankful she allowed me to be there to watch this miracle happen!

Willow is a healthy, happy baby, and after couple extra nights in the hospital (she was born with SVT), I finally got to do her newborn photos!  She was seriously the best baby I’ve ever photographed :) And yes, I know I might be just a little biased, but this little angel slept the entire time and let me pose her any way I wanted!  So, enjoy this huge post and meeting my adorable niece, Willow Belle!

Oh, and this photo?  We just had to try and get a shot with the cousins, so this photo happened in about .05 seconds before Naomi started moving!  I love that she has her arm around Willow like she’s protecting her :) Melts this mama’s heart!  That and the fact that she loves to give Willow open-mouthed kisses…AHHH-DORABLE!

August 9, 2012 - 1:13 am

Rachael - These are seriously beautiful! I cry just watching birth videos, so I would have been sobbing too :-)

August 8, 2012 - 10:27 pm

Kara - So sweet! Beautiful baby!

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