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    Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the Interweb :) I'm Cassy Pack and I specialize in Wedding, Newborn, and Baby Photography. This is where I get to share my latest session/wedding with my Fabulous clients and gush about life with my amazing hubby and sweet daughters. Feel free to stay for a while and, if you're feeling super brave, leave me a comment. I love those :) Enjoy!

Avery {Owasso Newborn Session}

Sweet little Avery was such dream baby! I don’t think I saw her eyes once during our session :)  Loved meeting her and her sweet parents who are absolutely in love with her!

Doesn’t she have the longest, prettiest lashes?!  

Naomi’s Smash Cake Session

I know I am way late in posting these, but the pregnancy nausea caused some weird aversions, and not just to food.  For the longest time I couldn’t even look at these pictures, much less think about them, without getting sick!  I know it sounds crazy, but just the thought of the cake, her digging into it, the colors, everything made me want to throw up, so I just couldn’t even entertain the idea of blogging them. At least until I wasn’t sick anymore :)  So, here we are now and I can finally share them!  I had so much fun putting all the details together and Naomi had a blast digging into her cake and making all of us laugh!  That’s right, I had several helpers for this session!  Hubby, my sister Katie and my sister in law Sara were all on hand to help set up, jump around to get her to smile, and clean up.  I seriously couldn’t have done it without them! Enjoy the photos…unless, of course, they make you sick! :)

October 5, 2012 - 12:33 am

Linda Dill - What a beautiful baby and what an absolutely amazing photographer you are. You are certainly talented at taking pictures and making beautiful babies!!!!

October 1, 2012 - 4:58 pm

Tom W - This is beyond precious! Beautiful Naomi and (at one time) a beautiful cake!

Great photos Cassy.

October 1, 2012 - 4:39 pm

Rachael - What a beautiful setting for a cake smash session! Naomi is darling, the cake is gorgeous & I love your bunting. Such beautiful images!

A Little Update + A Precious Newborn

As I was beginning to finally sit down and blog again (it’s been forever!), I realized that even though I had made the announcement on facebook over a month ago, I never made it here! We are having another BABY!!!!  We are SOOO excited and can’t wait to meet this new little one in about 7 months.  We actually got to announce it to our families and close friends at Naomi’s birthday party, which was super fun! What’s NOT been super fun is the fact that I have been really, really sick the last 5-6 weeks.  I had a little bit of nausea and was pretty exhausted with Naomi, but with this one, I’ve been nauseated all day every day and even puked some.  It has been HORRIBLE.  Out of all the pain in the world I would take anything but nausea.  I tried zofran and phenergan, both given to cancer patients to treat nausea, and neither worked. At. All.  Then, my doctor had me try some prenatal vitamins with ginger just last week and they have done the trick!  I haven’t had any nausea for a whole week!!  It’s a whole new world being able to get things done around here :)  Poor Matt has been working like crazy and then would come home to a dirty house with no clean laundry and dirty dishes piled in the sink while his wife layed on the couch about to puke all day.  It’s been pretty rough on the both of us but, thank God, I think I’m in the clear. Now onto the photography happenings…

Sweet little Matherli wasn’t due until September, but much to her parents surprise and joy, she decided to come a few weeks early. A baby coming early can sometimes be a little scary, but everything turned out fine and Matherli was a healthy, happy baby girl!  At just 7 days old, Matherli was a delight to photograph! She slept almost the entire time and only made me “work” for a couple poses. Thank you {G} family for letting me capture your precious baby girl!

You are O-N-E!

My eyes are filling with tears as I even start to write this! I cannot believe how fast your first year of life has gone. You have grown from this precious little newborn with ginormous cheeks to a sweet little independent toddler with big, beautiful blue eyes and a whole lot of personality. I remember when we first brought you home from the hospital and crying at the thought that you would get bigger, let alone turn one year old!  It has been one amazing year being your momma, and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have you as my daughter. You have brought so much joy to your family and I really can’t imagine someone being loved by so many people more than you. Your grandparents are enamored with you, your daddy is head over heals for you, and me? Well, I get the job of feeding, bathing and changing your diapers – all of which I love to do :)  I love the little girl that you’re becoming, but oh how hard it is for me to watch you get bigger. You have become such a sweet girl who loves to touch everything, give open mouthed kisses (please don’t EVER stop!), dance to music, fake laugh, look at books, follow mommy everywhere, and squeal for joy when daddy comes home.  I’m so proud of you and I pray that God would continue to guide and teach me as I guide and teach you.

How in the world did you go from this…

To this…


Happy birthday baby girl! I love you!


Madison {Tulsa Senior Session}

When I set out to be a professional photographer, I never once gave senior photography a thought because, honestly, I can’t stand really don’t feel like I connect with that age group. At all. Most teenagers are completely annoying to me with their “nobody understands me” attitude.  And yet, here in about 12 years, I’m gonna have one of those running around in my house. Oh, but she won’t be like that.  Not if I have anything to do with it – said everyone before their child turned into a completely self-absorbed, whining, little brat. :)  Wow, do I sound a bit harsh? Haha, well, I guess I’m just being real. So, normally, I don’t do senior photos, but for my cousin Madison, I couldn’t wait!  

She is an absolutely gorgeous, super tall, blond haired, blue eyed beauty with a great sense of humor, style and personality. No, she’s not your typical annoying teenager, at least around me anyway.  She’s easy going, super smart, and fun to be around.  I was so impressed to find out recently that her last 2 years of high school will be spent completely in college classes. AND, she will graduate high school with an Associates Degree!!  Crazy what kids can do these days!  I couldn’t have asked for a better model. In fact, I asked her mom if she had ever modeled because I totally think she could!  Anyway, enjoy my favorites from her session…

Sweet Little Willow Belle {Tulsa Newborn Session}

Nearly 36 hours after being induced, my brave little sister gave birth to my precious niece, Willow Belle, on July 13 at 4:58am. I asked Chelsey early on in her pregnancy if I could be in the room when she delivered. Some of you probably think that sounds extremely weird to watch your sister give birth, but I knew, having watched so many “A Baby Story” episodes on TLC, that actually getting to see a human life come into this world would be one of the most incredible experiences I could ever witness. And it was!  I actually got to document with my camera as Willow took her very first breath, saw her mama for the first time, and got tons of kisses by all her adoring family.  I have never been so emotional behind the lens before, but I was sobbing so hard I could hardly hold my camera still to get those precious shots. I am so incredibly proud of my sister and thankful she allowed me to be there to watch this miracle happen!

Willow is a healthy, happy baby, and after couple extra nights in the hospital (she was born with SVT), I finally got to do her newborn photos!  She was seriously the best baby I’ve ever photographed :) And yes, I know I might be just a little biased, but this little angel slept the entire time and let me pose her any way I wanted!  So, enjoy this huge post and meeting my adorable niece, Willow Belle!

Oh, and this photo?  We just had to try and get a shot with the cousins, so this photo happened in about .05 seconds before Naomi started moving!  I love that she has her arm around Willow like she’s protecting her :) Melts this mama’s heart!  That and the fact that she loves to give Willow open-mouthed kisses…AHHH-DORABLE!

August 9, 2012 - 1:13 am

Rachael - These are seriously beautiful! I cry just watching birth videos, so I would have been sobbing too :-)

August 8, 2012 - 10:27 pm

Kara - So sweet! Beautiful baby!

Brittany + Wyatt {Tahlequah Announcement Session}

A while back, I held a photo contest  on the blog and Brittany’s photo was voted the winner which meant she got a FREE session and CD of images!  As she emailed me about her idea for a pregnancy announcement session, I could hardly contain myself! I was sooo excited, but of course, I couldn’t say anything to anyone which was so hard! :)  I drove to Tahlequah on a Sunday evening a few weeks back to capture some photos so that Brittany could creatively and surprisingly tell her friends and family about their upcoming arrival.  And now that the word is OUT, I can finally show off these sweet images here!

Brittany made her cute little props for the session and I just love how they turned out with the gorgeous backdrop and light!

Oh, and Wyatt is such a goofball!  He reminds me a lot of my hubby Matt, always cracking jokes and hardly ever serious!

I’m so incredibly excited for you guys and cannot wait to meet the little one next spring!!

July 27, 2012 - 4:14 pm

Victoria - I love the pictures and the props . It’s adorable!

Mindy + Chad {Tulsa Anything Session}

I can never remember exactly how Mindy and I became such good friends in college.  Though beautiful, insanely hilarious, and really fun, Mindy isn’t exactly outgoing and friendly  :)   I can just imagine her if she’s reading this, she’s probably laughing and then defending herself screaming at me, “CASSY! I’m FRIENDLY!”  And she is…once you get to know her.  I guess it took a while for our friendship to grow, and at some point, I realized she was one of my very best friends. And not only that, but I also knew that wherever life would lead us, either living an hour apart or 20, we would always jump right back to where we left off. Without ever skipping a beat.

Before we graduated college, Mindy became very interested in this Chad guy that was attending our church.  Chad was older than us and very passionate about his walk with the Lord.  I remember  many conversations with Mindy about how cute she thought Chad was, or how she thought he was so much more mature in his relationship with God than she was and how she didn’t think she stood a chance of ever getting noticed by him.  Funny thing is, Chad had noticed her all along.  He began hanging out with our group of friends, and before I knew it, had asked Mindy to be his girlfriend.  At first, this was very hard for me.  I was used to hanging out with Mindy all the time and now this guy was taking it all up!  As anyone who’s been a third wheel knows, it’s not very fun and you almost feel like you’ve lost your friend.  And to be honest, I did lose part of my friend.  But things got a little easier once I started dating Matt not too long after that, and then we had a blast all hanging out together.  A couple years later we got married within a week of each other, she with a destination wedding in Florida (which was the first time I’d seen the ocean!), and me with a traditional ceremony at our home church with her by my side as my maid of honor.

We’ve both been married to our ‘other’ best friends for 5 years now, and even though Chad and Mindy live all the way on the east coast (Chad attends seminary there), we always jump right back to where we left off.  Without ever skipping a beat.

Not only was I SO EXCITED to see my friends when they came for a visit, but I was ECSTATIC when Mindy asked if I would take some updated photos of her and Chad!  It was a super hot evening in Tulsa, but in an hour’s time, we’d gotten plenty of beautiful shots, not to mention having a blast goofing around!  I love you guys! Enjoy!