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    Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the Interweb :) I'm Cassy Pack and I specialize in Wedding, Newborn, and Baby Photography. This is where I get to share my latest session/wedding with my Fabulous clients and gush about life with my amazing hubby and sweet daughters. Feel free to stay for a while and, if you're feeling super brave, leave me a comment. I love those :) Enjoy!

Owen | 15 days new {Tulsa Newborn Photographer}

This sweet little fella’ was welcomed by his parents and 5 older brothers and sisters (yes, FIVE!) the day after Christmas. What a precious gift!  I had the privilege of taking his first professional photos last week and absolutely loved getting to snuggle him all afternoon :)  He was pretty alert for the first couple of hours, but we finally wore him out and he gave us some great sleepy shots at the end!  ’A’ family, thank you so much for letting me take over your living room for several hours and document your precious baby! I hope you love these photos as much as I do!

Lori + David {Tahlequah Day After & Anything Session}

When Lori and I were chatting about getting some updated photos of her and David, I couldn’t resist throwing the idea out there of getting them back in their wedding day gear (well, Lori at least!) for part of the shoot.  When she agreed, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for our session!  I absolutely LOOOOOVE how their Day After photos turned out! (And of course, the other photos were great too!)  A gorgeous couple + a woodsy backdrop + some sweet golden sun = dreamy photos!  I was so excited to share these with Lori and Dave and they absolutely loved them as well :)  Nothing brings me greater satisfaction as a photographer than when my clients LOVE their images.  So, take a look at my favorites from their entire session….

After playing around in her wedding dress in front of my camera for a while, Lori got changed and we headed to another gorgeous location in Tahlequah for some “normal” updated photos :)

The Joys of Motherhood

***Let me just say you that if you get sick easily, you may not want to read this! ;)  You’ve been warned!

This story was too funny not to share :)  This morning, I wake up to the sounds of Naomi talking to herself in bed. Such sweet, innocent sounds.  I crawl out of bed and go into her room to find she has peed through another diaper and all over herself sometime in the night or this morning.  This is so extremely frustrating to me because this happens a lot.  I stopped giving her bottles right before bed and I’ve even tried the Pampers Night Time diapers that are supposed to prevent this. It STILL happens. UGH. So, I pick her up, take her to the bathroom, strip her down and throw her in the bath with her morning bottle…

(Excuse my IPhone pictures)

So cute and innocent. Momma has no idea what’s next.  As she’s sitting there, she starts grunting like she does when she goes #2.  I say, “Don’t go poo poo in your bath, Naomi”.  Still grunting. “Don’t go poo poo,” I say again. Still grunts. And then I have the idea that if she is really trying to go (and it would be the first time for her to do this while she’s bathing) that I could just pick her up and set her on the toilet. Brilliant! I go over to pick her up and, as I do, I see this…

Yep, too late! (Don’t you just LOVE that I gave you a visual of this! Ha! Me too!)  I’m completely grossed out right now, but I still decide to sit her on the toilet just in case she’s not done.  She sits there for a little bit, still grunting some, but nothing more comes from it. I think she is done so I stand her next to me and the bathtub so I can clean it out real quick. As I’m draining the tub, I look down next to me and see this…

You have GOT to be kidding me?!  I thought we had a human baby, not a dog…what the crap?! (pun intended).  At this point, yes, I’m a little frustrated that it seems like I can’t get one thing started or finished without another mess happening, but at the same time I’m laughing about how hilarious all this is!  So, I pick up naked Naomi and set her in the bathroom sink because, at this point, I’m thinking ahead, people!  Since she’s still naked and already pooped, she might still pee, and if she does, I do not want to clean THAT mess up!  So into the sink she goes so I can clean up her other two messes.  The poop on the floor was easy.  However, why I thought the poop in the tub would rinse down the drain easily is beyond me.  It didn’t.  So, now I have to use the long drain hair cleaner thingy-ma-jig and pull out hair with bits of poop stuck in it. By hand, people. SO. GROSS.  After that disgusting-ness, I finally am able to spray the tub with bleach, rinse it down, and run another bath for Naomi.  All before 8am.  Just another day in motherhood!



Already 3 Months?! {Tulsa Baby Photographer}

My niece, Willow Belle, is growing waaaay too fast!  I can’t believe this sweet baby is already 3 months old…and really almost 4 months!  Time is flying and she growing into such a sweet and happy baby who loves to stick out her tongue, talk and coo to herself, and definitely lets you know when she doesn’t like something! HA!  Chelsey is doing a wonderful job as a mom and it’s been so fun to watch her become the mother that she is.  We had such a great time during this session. My youngest sister, Katie – aka the “baby stalker”, also came to help get all the smiles we could out of Willow.  With all the baby talk, laughing, cooing, and noisemakers, Willow was definitely entertained…and completely worn out by the end of the session!  Enjoy the photos!

This is actually the 2 cousins, Naomi is on the right, at about the same age! Their little faces look so similar here.. Willow gave us LOTS of smiles and giggles….aaaaand then she let us know she was DONE! :)

November 16, 2012 - 5:34 pm

Courtney - Beautiful!!!

November 9, 2012 - 4:06 pm

Rachael - she is a doll! And you did a great job photographing a 3 month old…not always easy!

Kenzie {Owasso Senior Photographer}

As I’ve said before, I don’t normally do senior sessions.  Family is usually the only exception.  I just don’t feel like it’s an area of photography that I’m very gifted in. That being said, a little while ago I donated a photo session package to a charity event where it would be bid on with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.  Kenzie’s mom was the highest bidder (so grateful!), and when she contacted me about using the session for her daughter’s senior portraits, I of course couldn’t turn that down!  I’ll be honest, I was a little more than nervous about this session.  But as soon as I met up with Kenzie and her mom, we instantly connected.  Both of them were as sweet as can be and, as it turns out, Kenzie is a photographer herself!  She had picked out some great locations within her gorgeous neighborhood AND she brought along a couple of props (including her boyfriend for a couple shots!) – LOVED that!  Enough of my rambling…meet Kenzie!

Oh my goodness…..when Kenzie pulled out this yellow print chair, I could have died! I wanted to steal it and take it home with me…

Kendall {Salina Senior Photographer}

Kendall is another cousin of mine who I was really excited to do senior pictures for!  She’s easygoing, funny, and brought LOTS of super cute outfits to her session.  I had a blast getting out of my normal Tulsa locations and shooting out on her family’s land and her high school softball field.  I could tell Kendall had been planning her session for a while because she brought lots of fun ideas, which I LOVED!  It’s awesome when clients take an active roll in their session by communicating ideas, bringing props, or even showing me other photos they love so that I can make their session completely unique to them. Enjoy the photos!

November 8, 2012 - 12:19 am

Suzy Holbrook - Love these pictures!!! The one of her sitting on the ground with her boots on is my FAVORITE!!! She is a beauty!!!!

Ashley + Scott {Tulsa Engagement Session}

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Ashley and Scott.  They were such a sweet couple and were up for anything I had in mind, which I LOVE!  Ashley just started optometry school this fall and they are planning their wedding for this upcoming January back home in Texas.  Enjoy the photos!

Kaylee {Broken Arrow Newborn Session}

Meet Kaylee.

At 20 days old, I was pretty nervous about her session.  This was the oldest “newborn” I had ever photographed and I warned mom I wasn’t sure how things would go, but Kaylee surprised us all and posed like a pro!  Not only did she pose well, but the little lady never had an accident on me or any of my backdrops!  Incredible.

It was so nice meeting Kaylee and her sweet family. She is absolutely precious!