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    Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the Interweb :) I'm Cassy Pack and I specialize in Wedding, Newborn, and Baby Photography. This is where I get to share my latest session/wedding with my Fabulous clients and gush about life with my amazing hubby and sweet daughters. Feel free to stay for a while and, if you're feeling super brave, leave me a comment. I love those :) Enjoy!

Emersyn | 18 Months {Tulsa/Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Baby Photographer}

This past June, just 7 weeks after giving birth to Nora, we packed up the car and headed for the beach with 3 other families to spend a weeklong vacation together in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.  Anyone who’s traveled with little ones knows just how crazy it can be, and it surely was as we drove the 17 22 hour long trek getting lost twice and having to sleep in our car for a couple of hours. Oh, memories :)  Needless to say, we had an amazing time relaxing, shopping, swimming, parasailing, and hanging out with our friends into the wee hours of the morning.  One of the families that came along has a sweet little girl, Emersyn, who is 2 months younger than Naomi. It was so fun watching them interact all week and super funny hearing them say each others names, “Miiiiii” and “Eppa-sinnn”!  We headed out to the beach one morning to grab some updated photos of Emersyn (and I couldn’t help but grab a few of Naomi too) while she played in the sand and waves.  The girl is too cute!!

Naomi and Emersyn enjoying the beach together!

August 5, 2013 - 4:48 pm


Briana & Dustin {Tulsa Engagement Photographer}

After meeting up with Briana and Dustin for their engagement photos, I absolutely couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding! They are such a sweet couple and I loved photographing them in some new spots I found downtown.  Enjoy my favorites from their session!

I loooooved this green ivy wall we found!

Downtown Tulsa’s skyline is so pretty from this rooftop in the Brady District!

Madison | Senior Photos Take 2 {Tulsa Senior Photographer}

Since my cousin Madison is such a little diva, she just had to have another senior session with a city backdrop :)  We headed to downtown Tulsa to shoot her session at some of my favorite spots around the Brady District.  I love all the different options when shooting downtown from the brightly colored walls to the abandoned alleyways.  It was great getting to see her again and I loved how her city session turned out!

I won’t hold it against her that she cheers for OSU…

July 31, 2013 - 12:52 pm

Kara - Love these! So gorgeous!!

Willow Belle | 8 Months {Tulsa Baby Photographer}

My sweet little niece is getting so big! She was 8 months old when these photos were taken, but I’m obviously way late in posting these.  She just turned one last week!  I know I’m slightly biased, but I think Willow is such a beautiful baby :)  Her smiles will melt your heart and her kisses are oh so sweet.  Her cousin, Naomi, loves playing with her and giving her hugs and kisses too :)  It’s pretty much THE most adorable thing in the world. Since the weather was getting warmer here, we decided to do her session outside and I LOVED the way these turned out!

Peyton | 6 days new {Tahlequah Newborn Photographer}

Meet Peyton.  You may remember my post of her mama’s maternity session a few months ago. Well, Peyton finally made her arrival and I was sooo excited to get my camera on her and try out some new props I’d recently purchased.  That day, she had other plans than to sleep and have her photos taken :)  So, we improvised and made her session into more of a lifestyle shoot.  She is such a gorgeous baby and so tiny!  I loved getting to see Brittany and Wyatt again and meet their precious girl who they are completely in love with!

Life Lately…

The blog has gotten pretty neglected here lately, mostly because I’ve been working like crazy on the business side of my business and also because I had my 2nd baby girl 13 weeks ago.  Life has been pretty crazy, but I’m slowing getting the hang of it again.  Running a small business is not something that comes natural to me.  In fact, it’s been frustratingly overwhelming and, most of the time, I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.  A few months back I decided I really wanted this business to grow and prosper, so I read several business and marketing books, got some training from a fabulous photographer and business savvy woman, Leah Remillet, as well as started having “business meetings” with my hubby to get his input and ideas (he’s a marketing undergrad and has an MBA. Can I say goldmine?!) and together, we started to come up with a plan for some major changes.  You might have noticed some of these changes around the site, but today I want to make it official that yes, things have changed, and yes, things will continue to change as I learn the ins and outs of making my dream a reality, all while trying not to neglect my first priority, my family.  That has been the hardest part. I can and have worked into the wee hours of the morning only to get a couple hours of sleep before my little ones wake up for the day.  Trying to find the balance between my business and raising my girls has been difficult, but I am learning what does and doesn’t work for us.  For instance, trying to edit images while my toddler is awake does NOT work. :)  So, I had to make a decision to do all editing while she is napping or down for the night.  That goes for business calls too.  Nothing like a whining baby in the background to make me sound super professional, right?! :)  This way she doesn’t feel neglected, I don’t get frustrated, and I have some good, focused time to get things done.  Clients, don’t worry, I am always available via email or text and can respond a lot sooner through these methods of communication.

If you’ve stuck around after reading the above ‘novel’, thank you! I will now get to fun stuff — a few shots of my newest princess, Nora Jane at 10 days old :)  And get ready for a blog overload because I have lots of sessions to come in the following weeks!


Jayden | 9 days new {Tulsa Newborn Photographer}

Meet Jayden.

A precious baby boy with sweet little lips and adorable fuzzy hair.  Even at 9 days old, he wanted to see what we were doing almost his entire session :)  We eventually wore him out enough to get some really great shots though!

It was so great getting to meet his mama and I was so glad she was able to help me throughout the session when my normal assistant wasn’t able to make it. Being 30 weeks pregnant and doing a newborn shoot was extremely exhausting.  Took me 2 whole days to not feel sore all over :)  But I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!  I absolutely love being able to capture these precious babes!


Brittany {Tulsa Maternity Photographer}

I absolutely love it when clients become friends and I get to photograph different stages in their lives. Brittany is one of those clients whom I met nearly 2 years ago when she was looking to book a wedding photographer.  Since then, I’ve gotten to shoot her bridals, beautiful outdoor DIY wedding, her pregnancy announcement, maternity, and in just a few short weeks, I’ll get to meet and photograph her 1st baby!  It’s been so fun to be able to document this sweet couple the last 2 years, and I’m so excited for them as they become parents to a precious baby girl here very soon!

Brittany and Wyatt traveled to Tulsa to do the maternity session and we found some great locations for the shoot! Brittany always has great ideas for poses and props and I love getting to collaborate with her to make her session completely unique and special. Hope you enjoy the photos!