Mindy + Chad {Tulsa Anything Session}

I can never remember exactly how Mindy and I became such good friends in college.  Though beautiful, insanely hilarious, and really fun, Mindy isn’t exactly outgoing and friendly  :)   I can just imagine her if she’s reading this, she’s probably laughing and then defending herself screaming at me, “CASSY! I’m FRIENDLY!”  And she is…once you get to know her.  I guess it took a while for our friendship to grow, and at some point, I realized she was one of my very best friends. And not only that, but I also knew that wherever life would lead us, either living an hour apart or 20, we would always jump right back to where we left off. Without ever skipping a beat.

Before we graduated college, Mindy became very interested in this Chad guy that was attending our church.  Chad was older than us and very passionate about his walk with the Lord.  I remember  many conversations with Mindy about how cute she thought Chad was, or how she thought he was so much more mature in his relationship with God than she was and how she didn’t think she stood a chance of ever getting noticed by him.  Funny thing is, Chad had noticed her all along.  He began hanging out with our group of friends, and before I knew it, had asked Mindy to be his girlfriend.  At first, this was very hard for me.  I was used to hanging out with Mindy all the time and now this guy was taking it all up!  As anyone who’s been a third wheel knows, it’s not very fun and you almost feel like you’ve lost your friend.  And to be honest, I did lose part of my friend.  But things got a little easier once I started dating Matt not too long after that, and then we had a blast all hanging out together.  A couple years later we got married within a week of each other, she with a destination wedding in Florida (which was the first time I’d seen the ocean!), and me with a traditional ceremony at our home church with her by my side as my maid of honor.

We’ve both been married to our ‘other’ best friends for 5 years now, and even though Chad and Mindy live all the way on the east coast (Chad attends seminary there), we always jump right back to where we left off.  Without ever skipping a beat.

Not only was I SO EXCITED to see my friends when they came for a visit, but I was ECSTATIC when Mindy asked if I would take some updated photos of her and Chad!  It was a super hot evening in Tulsa, but in an hour’s time, we’d gotten plenty of beautiful shots, not to mention having a blast goofing around!  I love you guys! Enjoy!

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