Emersyn | 18 Months {Tulsa/Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Baby Photographer}

This past June, just 7 weeks after giving birth to Nora, we packed up the car and headed for the beach with 3 other families to spend a weeklong vacation together in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.  Anyone who’s traveled with little ones knows just how crazy it can be, and it surely was as we drove the 17 22 hour long trek getting lost twice and having to sleep in our car for a couple of hours. Oh, memories :)  Needless to say, we had an amazing time relaxing, shopping, swimming, parasailing, and hanging out with our friends into the wee hours of the morning.  One of the families that came along has a sweet little girl, Emersyn, who is 2 months younger than Naomi. It was so fun watching them interact all week and super funny hearing them say each others names, “Miiiiii” and “Eppa-sinnn”!  We headed out to the beach one morning to grab some updated photos of Emersyn (and I couldn’t help but grab a few of Naomi too) while she played in the sand and waves.  The girl is too cute!!

Naomi and Emersyn enjoying the beach together!

August 5, 2013 - 4:48 pm


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